• Tent (metal stakes work best)
  • Hammer
  • Cooler with snacks / beef jerky / fruit
  • Air mattress / sleeping pad / cot / tarp / blanket
  • Trash bags
  • Containers for food storage / drinks for the river
  • Hat / cheap sunglasses
  • Swim suit / towel / swim shoes
  • Battery operated fan / everything
  • Shower shoes / flip flops

What airport should I fly into?

AUS - Austin Bergstrom International Airport

SAT - San Antonio International Airport

Is food included?

Based on our recent surveys, we have started selling wristbands for meal plans.  The majority of our guests grill or cook on their own, so there's no reason for us to charge them for food they haven't been eating.  This allows us to keep the cost of camp down and enjoyable for all.  There will be food for purchase via the meal plan, front office, and by various vendors on site.

Are there refunds? How do transfers work?
No refunds.  However, tickets are transferable to other people, or other Urban Camp Weekend events, or Urban Excursion Weekend events.  Let us know within 5 days of the event you missed via email so we can transfer to the next event.  Transfers are $25 per transfer.  RV's, Cabins, previously transferred and discounted tickets are non-transferable to other events or people. If you originally bought a transferred ticket, early bird ticket, special promo ticket, or won a free ticket, it is non-refundable or transferable to another event or person.

​Can I bring my ATV?


Can I bring my RV? 

Yes (but contact us first, additional charges will apply)  Each guest must be registered at the regular price.

Can I arrive early?

Yes, you can arrive as early as 3 a.m. on Friday morning.  If you want to arrive earlier in the week (ie Monday- Thursday), pay the campsite directly, and tell them you're with our party.  Don't forget to register again on Friday to receive your two new wristbands which are different than the Thursday wristband.

Should I bring my Grill?

Absolutely!  We may even give you some extra meat to cook!

Can I bring my generator?

Of course, but please bring extension cords so that you can place your generator away from other tents (if it's loud.)

Is there electricity?

Yes (However, it's very, very, very limited); bring a powerstrip, and maybe someone with a generator will share electricity... Again, it's camping, you won't really need it.  

Is there security?

Yes, there will be 4 police officers on the premises at all times. We will also have a personal security officer in our area. (We haven't had any problems in the past, and we intend to keep it that way)

Can you pay the camp site directly?

No, we are in a private area with different wristbands.  Our PayPal link is at the bottom of the page.  There's really no need to call the campsite, even though people try it every year.  The camp charges $20 a night; quick math, that's $40 for 2 nights without us.  The extra we charge covers EVERY ACTIVITY, PRIZES, EXPENSES, the OPEN BAR at our events, etc... not bad... we know.  :-)

When is the deadline, and does the price change?

The deadline is a moving target. Pre-registration has traditionally filled up months in advance, forcing us to raise the registration fee or cut-off the registrations entirely.

So what should I bring?​

New to camping? No worries... so is everyone else (who really camps?)  This event is for mature adults (no kids or pets). We have couples, single people, newly divorced people, people that don't want their pictures posted, etc.; come one come all!

How can I stay up to date with everything!?

Download our mobile App by clicking here!

Are there bathrooms and showers?


What's included in the price?

EVERYTHING on the agenda (except for tubing) is included with the price!  We like free!

Are there bugs?

You'll be fine; it's more "glamping" than "camping." You won't have to worry about tigers, bears, lions, etc...

What's the age range? 25 to 45 (and we repeat, couples, single people, etc., will all have a great time!)​

Frequently Asked Questions

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or call  844-79-URBAN

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  • Soap in plastic case / shampoo
  • ​Toiletries
  • Sunscreen / chap stick
  • Bug repellant / ant poison to sprinkle around your tent
  • Extension cords for the generators
  • Any glow stuff or led stuff for glow party
  • If you have allergies bring allergy medicine
  • Portable cell phone charger
  • Games (Tailgate type games) / folding chair
  • And a positive attitude, because we are all family!​